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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
an element of surprise because they have to deal with d.c. police, u.s. park police, and what they're going to be targeting are a lot of the usual suspects. let's take a look at them right now. we're talking about 30 different banks, businesses and government agencies all along the k street corridor. goldman sachs, freddie mac, american bankers association, the imf, department of justice. for people who work at those places, you know what you'll be dealing with. these are the kind of demonstrations we all saw one year ago. it's exactly a year ago today that d.c. occupy protesters first started camping out in mcpherson square. they lived there for about four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police. we can expect to see them back for what they're calling a week of resistance starting with the protests here on k street this morning. as i said, they're not out here yet but you know they're coming. occupy k street twitter feed retweeted this picture. it read the finishing touches are being put on the occupy d.c. one-year anniversary as it shows somebody paintdzing one of tho
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
refused to waive his right to an extradition hearing. taglianetti was arrested by u.s. marshals on friday. he's accused of killing clymer new york superintendent keith reed jr. back on september 1st. he's charged with second degree murder. >>> police say a medical emergency is to blame for a freak accident that killed a local professor. rhett leverett was killed when a car jumped the curb and hit him when he was walking his dog yesterday morning. leverett was a professor at marymount university and a fixture in the penn quarter neighborhood northwest. >> he was such a warm and can willing part of this community, and his loss will be felt for a very long time. >> leverett's dog beth was not hurt in the accident. she is now being cared for by a neighbor. >>> a woman is asking metro to install guard rails on the platforms after her motorized scooter malfunctions. karen jones says her scooter started spinning in circles at the eastern market station back in july, and nobody could stop it. the scooter eventually threw her onto the tracks. >> i was hollering. i was like, somebody help me please
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2